Online Certificate Programs in Art and Design

Many people assume going to college can take years of their life, but there are many certificate programs that will take at the most a year; these programs are a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a student and increasing their career success. A certificate program provides you with the skills, experience, and knowledge that will increase your ability to succeed in any chosen career field. This article will discuss several online certificate programs in art and design.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers online certificate programs that deal with art and design. There classes are completely online, and their prices are about $500 per credit hour, but financial aid options are always available for those who are worried about prices. This college offers online certificate programs such as digital design and web design.
The digital design certificate program will teach you graphic design fundamentals and details such as color, fonts, and renderings; this certificate program will also provide you with the skills necessary to create layouts and backgrounds. This online design program will provide you with many career opportunities such as a graphic designer for television, magazine, or newspaper.
Another online certificate program offered through this college is the web design program, and this design certificate program will provide you with the ability to create web sites and web pages for a variety of career fields. This design program will provide you with knowledge and abilities in graphic design and web animation.
An online art certificate can be obtained through the Stratford Career Institute, and this photography certificate can be completed solely online. This informative certificate program in art will help you understand and utilize photographic techniques of old and new, and this program will provide you with the experience, skills, and knowledge to obtain many different careers in the field of photography.
Penn Foster Career School is another college that offers several online certificate programs in art and design; this school is extremely affordable and they provide you with several study materials to get anyone started on completing an online certificate program in art or design. Some of the certificate programs they offer are oils and acrylics and cartooning.
Through the art certificate in oils and acrylics the student will develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities in design, perspective, color theory, glazing, matting, framing, and much more. This certificate program can be completed entirely online, and it is a great way to increase your knowledge and abilities in art.
Another online art certificate program offered through this college is a certificate in cartooning. This program will increase your knowledge and abilities in perspective, figure drawing, pen and ink drawing, and many more areas of art.
Completing a certificate program online is an excellent way to increase your career success in the art and design field. All of these programs are inexpensive, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home; so stop letting doubts restrain you from furthering your education, and apply for an online certificate program today.