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Online Certificate Programs in Art and Design

Many people assume going to college can take years of their life, but there are many certificate programs that will take at the most a year; these programs are a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a student and increasing their career success. A certificate program provides you with the skills, experience, and knowledge that will increase your ability to succeed in any chosen career field. This article will discuss several online certificate programs in art and design.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers online certificate programs that deal with art and design. There classes are completely online, and their prices are about $500 per credit hour, but financial aid options are always available for those who are worried about prices. This college offers online certificate programs such as digital design and web design.
The digital design certificate program will teach you graphic design fundamentals and details such as color, fonts, and renderings; this certificate program will also provide you with the skills necessary to create layouts and backgrounds. This online design program will provide you with many career opportunities such as a graphic designer for television, magazine, or newspaper.
Another online certificate program offered through this college is the web design program, and this design certificate program will provide you with the ability to create web sites and web pages for a variety of career fields. This design program will provide you with knowledge and abilities in graphic design and web animation.
An online art certificate can be obtained through the Stratford Career Institute, and this photography certificate can be completed solely online. This informative certificate program in art will help you understand and utilize photographic techniques of old and new, and this program will provide you with the experience, skills, and knowledge to obtain many different careers in the field of photography.
Penn Foster Career School is another college that offers several online certificate programs in art and design; this school is extremely affordable and they provide you with several study materials to get anyone started on completing an online certificate program in art or design. Some of the certificate programs they offer are oils and acrylics and cartooning.
Through the art certificate in oils and acrylics the student will develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities in design, perspective, color theory, glazing, matting, framing, and much more. This certificate program can be completed entirely online, and it is a great way to increase your knowledge and abilities in art.
Another online art certificate program offered through this college is a certificate in cartooning. This program will increase your knowledge and abilities in perspective, figure drawing, pen and ink drawing, and many more areas of art.
Completing a certificate program online is an excellent way to increase your career success in the art and design field. All of these programs are inexpensive, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home; so stop letting doubts restrain you from furthering your education, and apply for an online certificate program today.

Jenn-Air 45″ Designer Line Gas Downdraft Cooktop Review

Finding a great cooktop can sometimes be a difficult task. The main reason for this is because there are literally hundreds of various models you can choose from. If you’re looking for a high-quality gas cooktop, than there is one company that you should turn to. Jenn-Air has been producing quality cooktops for many years, and one of their latest products is the Jenn-Air 45″ Designer Line Gas Downdraft Cooktop, Model: JGD8345ADW. This gas cooktop provides users with many features and is surprisingly inexpensive for the overall quality this product delivers.
One of the most common problems many gas cooktops have concern ventilation. While many other gas cooktops may have less-than-desirable cooktops, this Jenn-Air cooktop features the downdraft system, which features a two-speed fan. If you are buying a gas cooktop (or even electric), you will need to ensure that the ventilation system is superior. Since many individuals use their gas cooktops to prepare grilled foods, there is an excess amount of smoke that can accumulate. With a sub-par ventilation system, this smoke can quickly fill your kitchen, however, with this Jenn-Air 45″ gas cooktop you will never have to worry about your smoke alarm going off.
If you enjoy outdoor grilling, but aren’t able to grill during certain months of the year, or when it’s raining, you will really enjoy this gas cooktop. This grill is able to cook foods just like you would in an outdoor grill, except you can do so in the climate-controlled environment of your home. This is a great secondary grill if you cannot use your outdoor unit due to cold weather or rainy days.
Another feature is the E-ven Heat grill assembly. This feature allows the heat to be spread across the cooktop evenly, which is usually a big problem with most gas cooktops. The grates also feature a nonstick surface, which allows you to clean up quickly. This gas cooktop can also be converted to LP gas, which comes with the necessary LP conversion kit. The cooktop also comes with an electronic ignition as well as continuous grates that feature cast-iron design covered in porcelain.
The contemporary design is another great buying feature of this cooktop. No matter what color your kitchen comes in, this cooktop allows you to seamlessly integrate them. With this model coming in either black or white, it will always add a nice statement to your kitchen. The average price for both colors is $1,679. For a Jenn-Air gas cooktop, this is a very reasonable price. Remember, if you have never installed an item like this, you will need to have a professional do so since you will be dealing with gas. Safety comes first.

Unique and Memorable Easter Egg Designs

It’s that time of year again. Time for spring flowers, April showers, and our beloved Easter bunny to arrive with baskets full of goodies. And what goes hippity-hop in the Easter basket of traditions better than the incredible, edible Easter egg?
Crafters, it’s time to show your stuff and turn the Easter egg coloring world into a unique, vibrant, and artsy masterpiece of talent. To sweeten the deal, you can pull it off on a shoe-string budget by utilizing items and supplies you already own.
For homemade Easter eggs, do away with the expensive kits and look to your kitchen and crafts for inspiration. First step- color. Toss away notions of standard dyes and coloring kits. Grab some hot water, vinegar, a few glass containers, and get ready to raid the kitchen for your palette of paints.
You could simply reach for food coloring, but consider other alternatives from your cupboard instead. Use 1/4 cup of boiling water, 1 tsp. vinegar, and the following ingredients to make to create one of kind, inexpensive shades:

Orange- Carrots or orange peels
Blue- Juice from canned blueberries or Blue Kool-aid unsweetened mix
Green- Dandelion leaves or spinach greens
Yellow- Lemon peels or yellow onion skins
Red- Beets, rhubarb stalks, cranberries, or red onion skins
Brown- Coffee or tea bags
Purple- Grape Juice (concentrate works the best)
Have fun and experiment. Ransack your fridge and try things out. Sift through your baking cabinet as various spices produce interesting colors and effects on eggs shells too. As for egg dippers, utilize your strainer spoons, rubber gloves, or tongs for a readily available alternatives.
Want to step it up and jazz your creations even further? Look to your favorite crafts for inspiration! Are you an avid scrap-booker? Use stickers, trims, and paper to decorate your eggs with a distinctive flair. Perhaps even create a frame on each egg, complete with small picture, to create place markers for your Easter guests.
Into candle making? Take your left-over tidbits of wax, melt them, and drip in interesting patterns over the colored or uncolored egg shells.
Do you have an artistic flair? Grate different colored crayons into boiling water and then dip your eggs to obtain a mosaic effect. How about quilting? Grab some glue and use fabric scraps to create exceptional “quilted” eggs. Use a dark permanent marker to simulate the thread on the design.
Whatever your passion, with a little creativity, you can incorporate your crafts into eggs-traordinary designs. By using your talents and tools at hand, you’ll have a special Easter egg extravaganza without breaking the bank in the process.
Eggs-traTip: When you are finished devouring your Easter egg creations, gather the shells and involve your children in a fun follow-up craft. Spread a little bit of glue on a piece of construction paper. Then strip the membranes from the egg shells, crumble the shell, and use the colored pieces to make interesting pictures and designs.

Designing a Press Kit: DIY Book Promotion

Press kit? What goes into a press kit? Can you put in too much or too little? Well, guess what… there are guidelines for these too. But before I go into them, try to do one thing. Despite the fact that there are ‘rules’ of how to put something like this together, it certainly doesn’t hurt to incorporate your own personality or style into them. You have to try to make your kit stand out and be noticed, though without being obnoxious or egotistical about it.
A sell sheet promotes your book. Of course, there are many more opportunities for that, but basics first. A press kit is basically a newspaper release that you send out to the media; local newspapers, radio stations, magazines and on to larger county newspapers, and so on, branching out as far as you’d like. Press kits tend to contain the same information as your sell sheet, but press releases are formatted differently. Here’s how:
1. Your first sentence should include the infamous five W’s… who, what, when, where and why for those of you who’ve been out of school longer than you’d care to admit.
Example: Sunshine Suzy announces the release and availability of her debut historical, ‘Tax-Time Blues’ on April 1, 2007 at the local B B; bookstore, just in time to prevent financial stress madness…

Well, you get the picture….
2. Follow this paragraph with a very brief summary of the book, in turn followed by…
3.A statement as to why you feel this book should be read. Is it timely to some occurrence or anniversary of a historical event? A hot news topic? Will we learn something from it, and if so, what?
4. Follow up with a few juicy reviews, using a smaller font if you’d like, because as you know, we all like to read those blurbs….
5. Finish the body of the press release with a short conclusion or sentence incorporating the importance and/or intriguing aspect of your particular release, along with, if you have one, why your theme is important or different.
6. Then, at the bottom, include the marketing information: the ISBN, publisher, etc., along with locations of where the book is available and at what price.
You can include your sell sheet in a press kit, along with a separate list of reviews you’ve received, since you don’t want to list more than three or so in the actual body of the release. If you don’t have a sell sheet to include, be sure to insert a page with your cover art, and a 5″x7″, preferably black and white photo of yourself, along with a brief bio and contact information.
And remember, regardless of that old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, I’m afraid that at one time or another, we’ve all fallen prey to that particular shortcoming. Present your kit in one of several packaging formats available at any Staples or Office Depot, and don’t forget to include a business card!

Best Urinary Incontinence Treatment: Nature’s Design or an Exerciser Device?

Drawing on 30 years of experience instructing women in gentle exercises to improve strength and coordination, the Feldenkrais® Pelvic Health and Awareness program provides pelvic floor exercises you’ll actually look forward to doing. By the way, men can do them too, but they can’t use a Kegelmaster™!
In researching approaches to help women with incontinence issues, I came across a very slick website prominently featuring actress Terri Hatcher talking on the Jay Leno Show about a device called the Kegelmaster™. This website has celebrities, an interview with a doctor, and video testimonials, but what it is selling is a dildo shaped piece of plastic with springs inside. To get the benefit, you load in the proper number of springs in the proper locations and then insert it into your vaginal canal and follow the recommended exercise routine of 3 sets of 30 squeezes, holding each time for a couple of seconds. After each use, you have to hand-wash and thoroughly dry the device before you put it away. You also have to experiment with the right settings, including using from 1 up to 4 springs and the distance you unscrew the knob on the Kegelmaster™ device to set the correct resistance. You’re warned that if you use too much resistance, you’ll restrict your range of motion and limit your improvement, but in the list of “Top 10 Mistakes” people do when they do Kegels, they do mention that you want to feel “the burn” of the muscles so that you know you are releasing lactic acid. Confusing? I’m sorry. No thank you.
While there may be women who like sticking plastic things inside of themselves, or women who think they should copy famous people, I don’t fit into either of those categories. I also admit that I don’t like the feeling of my muscles burning. I generally avoid anything that makes me feel like that and yet I’m fit, coordinated, and agile. If like me, you prefer to strengthen your pelvic floor using a proven natural approach, you should definitely use the Pelvic Health and Awareness Program: a Feldenkrais® exercise program developed by movement expert Dr. Deborah Bowes, PhD, PT, CFT.
Drawing on 30 years of experience instructing women in gentle exercises to improve strength and coordination, the Feldenkrais® Pelvic Health and Awareness CD’s provide easy-to-follow instructions for pelvic floor exercises you’ll actually look forward to doing. By the way, men can do them too, but they can’t use a Kegelmaster™! Back in the 1950’s, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais discovered that improved neurological connections, such as better muscle control, could be created simply by doing slow, gentle movements while paying attention. As a result, Feldenkrais® exercises are gaining a national reputation among people who want to enjoy physical improvement without working so hard.
Here’s another reason why I prefer the Feldenkrais® Pelvic Health and Awareness Program as a urinary incontinence treatment. While the Kegelmaster™ uses isolation exercises, the pelvic floor is actually a wider region of muscle tissue which works in sync with auxiliary muscles like the abdominals, the inner thighs, and the lower back. The Pelvic Health and Awareness Program strengthens the pelvic floor in coordination with breathing, posture, and these other muscle groups for far reaching benefits that naturally become incorporated into your daily life. When you use the Pelvic Health and Awareness Program, you aren’t going to feel your muscles “burn”, you aren’t going to have to hold a plastic device inside yourself and clean it later, you aren’t going to have to deal with correct calibration, and you aren’t going to have to repeat the same boring action 90 times! What the Feldenkrais® approach to Pelvic Health and Awareness offers you is the opportunity not only to solve your incontinence problem and improve your sex life, but a step by step method that will keep you interested and expand the muscular coordination of your whole lower torso region in a relaxing enjoyable way.